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BNF 64

The 64th Edition of the British National Formulary has been published and it is currently being distributed in the NHS.

New or revised content in this version includes updated advice in the following areas:

  • The spelling of the stem 'sulph' has been amended to'sulf'
  • Updated guidance on the treatment of paracetamol poisoning
  • New advice on the risk of fractures with proton pump inhibitors
  • New advice on brand prescribing of adrenaline auto-injector devices for anaphylaxis
  • Updated guidance on the treatment of HIV infection
  • Advice to prescribe oral tacrolimus products by brand name only to minimise the risk of inadvertent switching between products
  • New or amended drug interaction entries will no longer be underlined in print versions

The web version has already been updated but requires registration or an Athens account for continued access. The printed version is available for purchase.

Action: All clinicians should start using BNF 64 as soon as the print version arrives. The web version can be used to access the latest information if necessary.

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