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QOF 2013-14

The turn of the financial year brings into effect several changes to the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF). The changes are available in summarised form and there is also a detailed document.

Particular areas of change are:

  • Introduction of a new rheumatoid arthritis clinical domain
  • Patients with hypertension with elevated cardiovascular risk should be prescribed a statin
  • Younger hypertensive patients have a tighter blood pressure target
  • Newly diagnosed diabetics should be referred to an education programme
  • Men with diabetes should be assessed for erectile dysfunction
  • Pulse oximetry should be assessed in COPD patients with an MRC dyspnoea score of 3 or more
  • Cancer care reviews must be completed within 3 months of diagnosis
  • Depression requires a bio-psychosocial assessment at diagnosis and again at 10-35 days after diagnosis
  • 15 month review windows have been reduced to 12 months
  • Many payment thresholds have been raised

Action: Clinicians should be aware of these changes and make any necessary changes to clinical practice as soon as possible.

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