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ACWY Vax antibody persistence shorter than expected

The manufacturer of ACWY Vax® has written to healthcare professionals advising that antibody titres wane after between one and two years, not at least three years as stated in the product literature.

Recent studies for a new meningococcal vaccine used the ACWY Vax as a comparator. Analysis of two of these studies identified reduced serum bacterial antibody titres one year post-vaccination when using human compliment in the assay.

Individuals who remain at high risk of exposure to Neisseria meningitides may require re-vaccination and earlier than is currently recommended in the current product literature.

It has already been announced that ACWY Vax is being discontinued this year.

Action: Clinicians who use and administer meningococcal vaccines should be aware of this new information and the need to consider earlier re-vaccination if necessary for previous recipients of ACWY Vax.