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Mucodyne Paediatric Liquid to be discontinued

The manufacturer of carbocisteine 125mg/5ml oral solution (Mucodyne® Paediatric) has written to healthcare professionals advising that this product has been discontinued due to manufacturing difficulties and will no longer be available from April 2015.

The 250mg/5ml solution remains available and may be an appropriate alternative if the required dose can be measured and delivered. An oral medicines syringe may be required. It should be noted however that the Summary of Product Characteristics advises that the product is not suitable for children and that the paediatric product should be used!

The normal daily dosage is 20 mg/kg bodyweight in divided doses. The previously recommended doses for the 125mg/5ml paediatric oral solution were:

  • Children 5 - 12 years: 10 ml three times daily
  • Children 2 - 5 years: 2.5 - 5 ml four times daily

Action: Clinicians should be aware of this product being discontinued. It may be prudent to run clinical system searches to identify any patients who are currently prescribed this product to allow a review and an alternative to be arranged.

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