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Creon 40,000 temporarily unavailable

The manufacturer of Creon has written to healthcare professionals advising that Creon 40,000 capsules are temporarily unavailable due to manufacturing yield problems.

A letter from the manufacturer notes that Creon is a biological product and lower than expected yields of high-potency enzymes from porcine glands has impacted on the current availability of the 40,000 strength product. This issue does not impact upon the lower dose products and therefore Creon 25,000 and 10,000 remain available.

It is therefore recommended that an equivalent dose of a lower dose be used with a preference to use the 25,000 strength product to reduce the number of capsules taken by individual patients.

Action: Clinicians should be aware of this supply issue. It may be prudent to run clinical system searches to identify any patients who are currently prescribed this product to allow a review and an alternative to be arranged.

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37 Comments to “Creon 40,000 temporarily unavailable”

  1. My Husband has been taking Creon 40,000 since 2009 has he has no stomach & pancreas.
    due to stomach cancer so this last 3 months has had to change to the 25,000 2 morning 1 lunch & 2 evening meal, has been having discomfort etc since. I wish the 40,000 would hurry up & come back on market can't understand why there is a problem. It is not correct for other people to have to suffer.

    Comment by Ann Parsons — November 12, 2015 #

    1. @Ann

      I managed to find a few minutes spare to call the company today. They confirm that the supply issues continue and unfortunately they have no date of resolution for the current manufacturing problems. They are working on the problems and confirm that the product is not discontinued.

      If you husband is experiencing problems with his current medication or dose he needs to see his doctor to get some advice on how things can be improved since it seems that this situation is not going to be resolved in the short term.

      Comment by Matthew Robinson — November 13, 2015 #

  2. I had my two thirds of my pancreas removed in 2005 and have been on the 40,000 since then. I have been ok they have worked ok with the rest of my medication I was on 3 three times a day. Now I'm on 25,000 and have to take 15 tablets a day along with the rest of my medication along with insulin (humulin m3) twice a day since taken the lower dose and more tablets. I have been unwell I would be grateful if you could advise when the 40,000 will be back.

    Comment by eliz mcgregor — October 30, 2015 #

  3. My pancreas is working on reduced function and I am a diabetic type 2. My prescription is for 2 in creon 40,000 taken after meals 4 times a day. My stomach became very upset taking 32 x 10,000 capsules a day so reading medicine information it is recommended to open the capsule and mix creon with orange juice. It doesn't mix very well but it's possible to swill it and swig it down. My stomach is very much better. Soaked the empty tubes in and they swell up. Hoping for return of creon 40,000 soon.

    Comment by Wjhair — September 27, 2015 #

  4. Thank you Matthew. I have not been well since taking the 10,000 x 8. I'll tell my doctor about 2 x 25,000 and hope the 40,000 comes back soon, I'm losing to much weight. Keep in touch.

    Comment by Maureen — September 15, 2015 #

  5. How many will I need to take on 25,000 and 10,000? I used to take 40,000 x2 with every meal and snack please help.

    Comment by Maureen — September 14, 2015 #

    1. @Maureen,

      You could take 2 x 25,000 (so 50,000) or 1 x 25,000 and 1 x 10,000 (35,000). Perhaps just using 25,000 capsules keeps things simpler but the dose equivalent is closer with the mixture.

      Interestingly, I spoke to a pharmacy last week who had managed to obtain a supply of the 40,000 capsules, so perhaps they are returning to supply now. Unfortunately I didn't have tome to call the manufacturers and check.

      Comment by Matthew Robinson — September 14, 2015 #

  6. 40,000 creon is not equal to 4* 10,000.
    40,000 creon has much less protease enzyme than 4* 10,000. I think too much protease can harm ..

    Comment by Ank — August 26, 2015 #

    1. @Ank

      The conversions may not be identical, but while the 40,000 creon is out of supply it is the best option we have available. It's not perfect but it's better than nothing.

      Comment by Matthew Robinson — August 27, 2015 #

  7. Got my Creon 25000 today, they are available. No news on when 40000 will be back.
    I will have to take 8 capsules each meal now, won't need any food after taking all them be full!

    Comment by trevor jones — August 25, 2015 #

  8. My friend can't get Creon 25000 either so her husband, who has Alzheimers too, is having to take 8 x 10000 with each meal which is an impossibility. His GP can't get their heads around the dosage formula and keep short changing them. It's causing huge problems for them and being in their 80's they shouldn't have to chase GP's and Chemists to no avail. Where are all the 25000's too?

    Comment by Karen Pollard — August 11, 2015 #

    1. @Karen

      I was not aware of any issue with the 25,000 strength product and have just double checked this with the manufacturer. They have confirmed to me that there are no supply problems with the 25,000 strength so I suspect this is a local issue with pharmacies in your area. Ask them to contact the manufacturer direct and see if that helps.

      Comment by Matthew Robinson — August 13, 2015 #

  9. Dear Lynda, I also am on creon 40000. I have to take 2 with every meal and snacks. I was advised to sometimes take 3 depending on the meal. I also took me 12 months to adjust to the 40,000. Now I have also to take 3 25,000 and 1 10,0000. I am having great difficulty in adjusting to this and feel quite unwell. Stomach pains and feeling sick and quite tired. I am very upset about all this and hope that the situation will be resolved soon. If I hear anything, as I have been on the the manufactures of creon, they were very apologetic but could give me no date as to when the 40,000 would be back in stock. Forwarding manufactures address:- BGP Products Ltd. Abbott House,Vanwall Business Park. Vanwall RS. Maidenhead. Berkshire. SL6 4XE Tele: 01628 773355. Regards Frances.

    Comment by Frances Lord — July 11, 2015 #

  10. Good Afternoon,
    As a patient using Creon 40,000 & having MAJOR pancreatic problems this is devastating news!! It has taken me a whole year to get stable & maintain my weight only to find this medication is not available for the time being!!
    Is there no indication of when this dose will be available at all? I have been prescribed a totally different type of enzyme which also carries a totally different dose which could take me another year to come to terms with!!
    As I take a large dose of the 40,000 my GP advised that to take the lower 10,000 dose it would mean I would be taking in the region of twenty & sometimes even more of the Creons to replace the dose I require!!
    Any news at ALL when the 40,000 become available would be really useful.

    Comment by Lynda Smith — July 3, 2015 #

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