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Fluphenazine decanoate discontinued

The manufacturer of fluphenazine decanoate (Modecate®) injection has written to healthcare professionals advising that this product will be discontinued by the end of 2018.

The letter details unpredictable supplies of the active ingredient from the single global manufacturer as the reason for this decision. It is noted that this decision is not due to any safety concerns. Both injection strengths (25mg/ml and 100mg/ml) are being discontinued with manufacturing ceasing in mid-2018 with supplies in the United Kingdom expected to run out by the end of 2018.

Action: Clinicians should be aware of this product being discontinued. It would be prudent to run clinical system searches to identify any patients who are currently prescribed this product to allow a review and arrangements made to identify a suitable alternative.

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92 Comments to “Fluphenazine decanoate discontinued”

  1. My brother has not done well at all since Modecate injection was withdrawn in Canada. I share the same concerns raised in other comments. My brothers and I have watched him cycle up and down, and have terrible relapses despite medication changes. He was on Modecate for over 20 years and was able to work, visit with family and friends, and remain relatively stable. Since it was withdrawn, every couple of weeks he crashes and it is very scary to read his texted comments. He has increased his self-medication with marijuana and alcohol to try and cope. I am absolutely flabergasted that a pharmaceutical company can make a "business decision" that has resulted in so much suffering for patients and their families. Shame on you Bristol-Myers Squibb and Sanofi for your role in creating this suffering! You owe a duty of care, and if your bottom line is not to your liking, at least grand-father in the patients already on your medication who have contributed to your revenue, some for decades! This is unethical! Any suggestions are appreciated.

    Comment by Deborah Gue — October 24, 2020 #

  2. My sister was given fluphenazine decanonate injections for 3 month to treat mental illness but again the symptoms are all back. She has lost much of the weight that she gained during the time she was on medication. What treatment should we give her for the recurring mood swing and mental disorders?

    Comment by Aceng Teddy — July 1, 2020 #

    1. @Aceng Teddy,

      There are lots of options available and the decision on which is the best for your sisters should be made by her and her doctor.

      Comment by Matthew Robinson — July 2, 2020 #

  3. Is fluphenazine decanonate USP still available to be used at the moment?

    Comment by Aceng Teddy — July 1, 2020 #

  4. Please keep me upto date with new developments on alternatives to discontinued modecate depot.
    My son was well controlled on it for 15 years. So far not doing well on other medications.

    Comment by Mr M. Cho — May 30, 2020 #

    1. Please can you keep me up to date if there is any medication that mirrors Modecate. After spending 10yrs on all the regularly medications for mental health, my son finally found that Fluphenazine (Modecate) injection was the best one, it was almost like my son had his life back, he was able to work, he was on it about 3 years, and then they said they were withdrawing it as it was too expensive. Radar then tried to wean him off and he had a massive relapse, for the last 2 years they have had him on all the medications that never worked 15years ago, and it has been like going back to square one! He is at the moment on risperidone which does not work with him, they increased the dose and still did not work, now he is having injections but still it is not the drug for him. I can't believe why would you stop making a drug that works so well, he has had the worst time ever since coming off Modecate. Come on UK, we must make this ourselves in the UK and put people back on it who responded well like my son did, he feels he has no life at the moment and as his mum, and his family are extremely worried as it has been so distressing for him. I feel it's disgusting that this can happen, it's like taking away someones only hope to feel normal again as at the moment, its so hard seeing him suffer like life. I have tried to research this and whether it can be bought abroad, why should this be so hard to do. Has this happened to anyone else's child, or to themselves?

      Comment by Karen — October 9, 2020 #

      1. @Karen,

        As far as I can tell Modecate Concentrate injection (100mg/ml) is still available in the UK at the moment (October 2020). I'll try to double check with the manufacturer next week. The Standard strength (25mg/ml) does seems to have been discontinued though.

        Comment by Matthew Robinson — October 10, 2020 #

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