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Updated Pregabalin Prescribing Guidance

NHS England has written to CCGs, pharmacies and GP practices with updated advice regarding prescribing of pregabalin.

In 2015, NHS England were required by the courts to issue advice that pregabalin must be prescribed a specific way when used for neuropathic pain due to the existence of a patent that applied to that licensed indication.

This update withdraws and replaces the previous advice and contains the following recommendation for prescribing clinicians:

"In our guidance of 2 March 2015 we asked you to consider amending the operation of any electronic prescription system that is within your power or control to ensure that practitioners were readily able to follow that guidance. If you made such an amendment, we now ask you to reverse it to reflect the revised guidance above as from 17 July 2017."

Action: Clinicians can now return to normal practice when prescribing pregabalin and no longer need to specify a brand name when prescribing for neuropathic pain.