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SMC Update - December 2017

The Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) has issued its monthly advice on newly licensed medicines.

Aviptadil / Phentolamine (Invicorp®) has been accepted for restricted use in the symptomatic treatment of erectile dysfunction in adult males due to neurogenic, vasculogenic, psychogenic, or mixed aetiology. The restriction limits use to those patients who have failed on oral therapies (oral phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitors) and other non-injectable formulations of erectile dysfunction medications. It is also likely that the existing SLS criteria will apply to this product.

Fulvestrant (Faslodex®) has been rejected for use in the treatment of oestrogen receptor positive, locally advanced or metastatic breast cancer in postmenopausal women not previously treated with endocrine therapy. The manufacturer failed to make a submission.

Tiotropium (Spiriva Respimat®) has been accepted for use as a maintenance bronchodilator treatment to relieve symptoms of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This product was previously restricted use in patients who have poor manual dexterity but a price reduction has resulted in this restriction has been removed.

Action: Clinicians should be aware of the recommendations of the SMC. Routine use of rejected and restricted medicines should be avoided.