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NHS England to review HRT charges

As reported in the general media (BBC), NHS England are to review how prescriptions charges are applied to prescription for Hormone Replacement Therapy treatments.

The current NHS prescription levy is £9.35 with 3 and 12 month Prepayment Certificates available to assist people on regular medication. HRT however has always been an area that causes some confusion, some treatments that contain 2 different treatment regimens is charged at two fees, so £18.70.

It is being proposed that fees are charged on an annual basis irrespective of the treatment used or how it is prescribed. It is noted in the linked article that prescription duration also plays a part with some areas issuing monthly prescriptions. NHS England are being asked to investigate what changes can be made to implement the charging changes. Prescriptions are already free in Scotland and Wales.

Action: Clinicians should be aware of this imminent change. In the short term, clinicians may wish to consider issuing extended durations of supply, perhaps 6 or 12 months of treatment to women established and stable on their preferred treatment.