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CKS Updates - July 2023

During July 2023 Clinical Knowledge Summaries were published or updated in the following areas.

The topics have all been reviewed and updated with minor structural and layout changes. The Antiplatelet treatment topic has been restructured to reflect current guidance which does not recommend the routine use of antiplatelets for primary prevention. The Balanitis topic now recommends treating suspected severe bacterial infection with phenoxymethylpenicillin in line with the updated European consensus publication. The Diarrhoea - antibiotic associated topic now includes recommendations on when to consider referral to secondary care. The Polycystic ovary syndrome topic has updated recommendations for metformin.

The NSAIDs - prescribing issues topic has the broadest range of changes including:

  • a recommendations that low-dose celecoxib can be cautiously considered in people with risk factors for cardiovascular disease or the elderly
  • contraindications to use now include third-trimester of pregnancy and varicella infection
  • liver disease has been added as a risk factor for adverse renal effects
  • addition of advice to avoid prolonged NSAID use beyond 20 weeks of pregnancy

Action: Clinicians who see patients with any of these conditions may find the new and updated information useful when reviewing current clinical practice.

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