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Creative Commons Licence

The original purpose of this website was to provide Prescribing Information to the doctors in Blackpool.

The readership of this site is now far beyond that original purpose. Readers come from many geographical locations and also many differing clinical backgrounds. It is also clear that many readers work in an advisory capacity to doctors.

There has been a copyright notice on each post for a long time that may have been restricting the usage of this site and it is with this in mind that I have made a small change to the copyright licence contained in each article.

In the interest of gaining greater benefit from the articles on this site, all articles are now licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.

Readers are allowed to copy, distribute, display and perform articles and to make derivatives of articles on this site provided:

  • You attribute any materials used back to this site as the original source
  • You do not use any materials from this site for commercial purposes including promotion of products for financial gain
  • You distribute any derivatives of articles from this site only under an identical licence

The full legal licence contains more detail.

Action: Make use of the articles on this site within the (broad) limitations of the licence.

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Learning via blogs

E-Health Insider reports on the publication of a paper at BioMed Central that concludes blogs (websites like this one) can be used to enhance learning experiences for clinicians.

The paper cites the main advantages of blogs are the ease of use and availability. This would include anywhere web-access, search facility, RSS and email subscriptions.

The main disadvantage is information quality because of the collaborative authoring of some blogs. This site operates in a "closed environment" meaning one person operates the whole site writing all the articles and moderating any comments.

Action: This site had 14,000 visitors in August; surely you all know this already!

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New Year - New Look

New for 2006 the site has been given a new look!

This site has been available for just over 6 months now and has posted over 100 articles. It gets visited over 4000 times each month from over 1000 different places and this is still growing.

Mainly, users in the United Kingdom visit us, but also America, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Our European visitors come from Austria, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Belgium, Estonia, Hungary, Ireland, Italy and Cyprus.

Internationally, we also get visits from Singapore, Japan, China, Mexico, Argentina and Saudi Arabia.

What started as a personal and very local project just to see if this type of site was possible has grown into something I never imagined.

So, as a thank you to all the visitors who use this site I have given it an overhaul. I hope you like it during the coming year.

Happy New Year!

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Subscription Improvements

The software used to make this site possible has been updated (on Boxing day no less!) and the changes mean some improvements have been made to how subscriptions are managed.

Users who are currently subscribed will continue to get email updates but this will continue to be a summary of the post on the site.

By registering for the new system you to customize how you get your email. Registered users can:

  • subscribe to individual categories
  • select plaintext or html email format
  • select summary or full email content

Once you register you can log on to the site and manage your preferences for how you receive your free update notifications.

Action: We urge all current subscribers to make use of this new feature because future improvements will focus on the new system of subscription management.

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