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There are several ways to subscribe to this website.

Firstly, you can register and subscribe to receive email notifications of updates. If you register with the site you will have greater control over your subscription. By registering you will be able to:

  • subscribe to individual categories
  • select plaintext or html email format
  • select summary or full email content

Once registered you can manage your subscription and update your individual email profile.

You can also submit your email to be notified of new posts without registering but you will have none of the options above. You can register in this way using the section at the bottom of this paragraph. (Note: This section will be missing if you are already registered and logged in)

Subscription Management

Secondly, there are programs and services (often called Aggregators or News Readers) that check website like this on a regular basis for new content and articles. You will need to use the following link to point your software at this address: Subscribe to New Articles using RSS

Some examples of these programs have been mentioned in a previous article.

Finally, you can manually check back each day to check for new posts. But all of the options above are designed to notify you when there is a new post to save you time checking here each and every day. The choice is yours!

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